Our Environment


A GREEN COMMITTEE was formed to spearhead Sinwah's programme of installing environmental awareness among our employees.

1. Transform immediate environment. Committed to transform what is now green and sustainable into ordinary, everyday, status quo of global societies.

  • Contribute to greening our home
  • Contribute to greening our workplace
  • Contribute to greening the environment around us

2. Stay informed and remind everyone. We shall push hard for the singular goal - a clean, just, and sustainable future for everyone.

  • Shall educate our self and others on the environmental concerns of our time

3. Consume wisely. Disavow the culture of excess that shapes our society. Start by reducing the carbon footprint, and greening our life in any way we can. It is our duty to spread our new way of life to others.     

  • Eat local, sustainable, humane, and organic food when possible
  • Carpool, use public transit, walk or bike whenever we can
  • Buy green, energy-efficient products when possible

To date, we have carried out activities to create awareness, recycling campaigns and educational seminars.

Recycling Campaign 


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