Production Plants

Sinwah Malaysia

Our Malaysian plant (HQ) is located in Tanjung Agas Industrial Area, Muar, which is about 2.5 hours drive from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. There are 8 production lines, with a monthly capacity of 20,000-30,000 dozens per month. Sinwah Malaysia was certified with ISO in 2001, and WRAP in 2004.

To ensure consistency in our products' quality, our output are audited twice:
a)   First inspection at the end of the Sewing Lines,
b)   Second inspection at the Checking Station.

In addition, our QA department conducts random in-line inspection at 3 stages: In-Line Inspection at 10% and 50% completion/sewing stage; and upon 100% completion/sewing stage. Finally, a Pre-Final Inspection is carried out based on AQL 4.0 on packed cartons.


Sinwah Apparel (Vietnam)

Sinwah Vietnam is located in Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP), in Binh Duong Province which is about 17 km from Ho Chi Minh City or 40 minutes by road. It is within easy reach of the International Airport and major seaports. VSIP has full infrastructure facilities with its own power plant and sewerage treatment system.

Sinwah Vietnam has a capacity 16 sewing lines. Currently, it is capable of producing 50,000-60,000 dozens of garments per month. Sinwah Vietnam is certified with WRAP since 2005 and also earned CTPAT certification in 2007. Similarly to Sinwah Malaysia, the garments' quality are 100% audited at least twice.


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