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The intense global competition has spurred Sinwah into continuously investing in integrated solutions, which would give the company faster turnarounds. We currently employ Lectra Systemes CAD/CAM systems. One of the modules, DIAMINO, is a marker-making software tool that can handle all types of materials and is used by 10000 professionals around the world.

In May 2000, we invested in G-PRO, a real time production control and management system. This system captures production events in real time and provides up-to-the minute information to management. The system also allows for more stringent quality control and audit in all our branches. In June 2000, Sinwah also purchased GARMATE, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which is integrated with the current G-PRO system. Both systems have been upgraded in 2008.


In June 2012, we purchased ApparelConnect, an integrated apparel Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which has helped bring transparency and efficiencies throughout the company. We has worked closely with db Solutions (Thailand) to heavily customise ApparelConnect to integrate with G-PRO and create a system tailor made for our needs.

  • ApparelConnect ERPs feature full Supply Chain Integration, Product Lifecycle Management, Material Resource Planning, Production, Capacity Planning and Control and labour cost control, Task management, Warehousing, Outsourcing, Packing and Distribution, to offer a completely integrated end-to-end apparel manufacturing solution.

In October 2012, we migrated to G.PRO Shop Floor Data Tracking System (SDT) to monitor and track the real time data collection of garment production. This system mainly support features on tracking movement and flow status of cut piece / bundle using GPRO Smart Term Reader and RFID SmartTag and provide live feedback of production transaction data. Its design fullfill the following objectives of our needs on:

  • Transparent and live line monitoring from cutting till finishing
  • Accountable management on detect and control WIP and worker defects.
  • Better line balancing through analyze real time graph and minimize the gap of actual and plan of production
  • Centralised database and multi branch remote availability

Meanwhile, we also implement the G.PRO Quality Control Management System (QCM) together with G.PRO SDT to monitor and control the quality of the garment. G.PRO QCM help us identify and track the source of defects and improve the quality of garment.

Sinwah is constantly searching for intelligent solutions to upgrade the efficiency of both the management and the production floor. We are committed to investing on a continuous basis to remain competitive and flexible. 


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